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The Safehouse is a plot-based original character roleplay hosted on tumblr with a large amount of information regarding a tight-nit community setting and expansive mythologies for species from different cultures.

Plot Overview

In 2012, the truth about the supernatural hit the airwaves, and humans had one of two reactions: acceptance, and revolt.

A war between the two factions erupted, and sheer numbers overpowered the small portion of supernatural creatures that had the courage to come out about their status. They were forced to run and turn to hiding.  Safehouses have cropped up all over the world, beacons of hope for the creatures desperate and determined to live out their lives in peace. 

The year is now 2015, and a new safe house has opened on the edge of civilization. It’s the largest of it’s kind, built up in an abandoned warehouse and refurbished into apartments to house over a hundred rentable spaces.  

This specific Safehouse is run by the demoness Valac Klein, who was appointed as the property manager and is in charge of every staff member and tenant that resides in the Safehouse. However, though the residence is mostly structurally sound, the warehouse that the council appropriated is old and worn down, and the place is run by a demon. While all the tenants are protected from the outside, it’s much harder to find protection from each other when the staff that are meant to uphold the rules could just as easily turn their eyes away.

The Safehouse follows the rules of the Supernatural realm, which can be harsh and unforgiving in comparison to the rules of humans. An eye for an eye is still common place amongst inhumans. The Safehouse is a feast for the strongest and those lucky enough to make their way up to the almost luxurious first ward. Which will you be?

Click here to visit and apply at the Safehouse's main account!  

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